Welcome to Lumos!

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Welcome to Lumos!

Dear visitors,

After almost two years in thinking and working, here we are! Welcome to the first step towards a complete new site about the Lumos! platform.

The Lumos! platform has been developed on the basis of a simple request: how can we improve quantitative medical research performed by teams. The fruit of this effort is a web-based platform which permits to build and manage collaborative multicenter studies easily.

Several projects have been put in motion based on the platform. Firstly, the Italian Academy of Family Physicians (AIMEF) has carried-out a validation study with the use of this platform. Likewise, the Auror study team of Junior GPs based in Bologna, Italy, has been using the platform for a few of their protocols.

Using the experience and feedback of the abovementioned studies, our team works on improving the platform and helping the needs of medical research.

As for the future, we hope to take the next step by making this platform widely available to many languages and offer more services, which may vary from autonomous offer of the product to integrated research services. We also have in the works the English, German, Spanish and Greek translations, as three new European partnerships based on the Lumos! platform are ready to be launched.


Harris Lygidakis

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