The Lumos! platform and Drupal

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the Lumos! platform and Drupal

Dear all,

My name is Silvio Cambiaso and I am one of the team members who developed the Lumos! project. I am an electronic Engineer, working for several IT companies since 1995, and recently completely fond of this spectacular web-development framework called Drupal.

When I first got in touch with this technology -I was told by a friend of mine about it, it was just curiosity but it soon became something more charming and amazing I could imagine. It’s now a couple of years that I’ve been working with Drupal, experiencing some projects for my personal work and some more for other purposes.

Then the idea came up. One day I was talking with Harris about medical research. We spoke about the typical requirements GPs involved in research usually have: planning medical researches based on surveys, managing teams working on them and collecting their data.

Then some more concrete concepts came across, so we thought about setting up a tool to give an answer to those needs. But there’s some more: why not making it with a web-based tool? And if so, why not Drupal?

All these questions drove us to develop such a project, designing a web-based platform, we called Lumos! platform.

Drupal helped us so much to develop the extra modules we need to achieve our goals, giving us in addition the advantages of ready made modules, brought by the framework, such as user management (for login, groups, roles), theme management (for easy customization of the look and feel), security protection, localization and so on. Plus an easy architecture where extra modules are installed and run by the framework itself with simple actions made on the settings web page.

The php language (used to write modules in Drupal) gave us a strong and quick ability to design the tool and to fix bugs (setting up a debugging system, with local or remote site). The application is based on the mysql database, a freeware worldwide used db. Currently we’re working hard to setup the first revision, 1.0, of our application, and we look forward to exposing to visitors some screenshots of it once ready.

Stay tuned đŸ˜‰

Silvio Cambiaso

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