Continua la preziosa collaborazione tra Lumos Medica e Fe.D.E.R. (Federazione Diabete Emilia Romagna).
Infatti lumos! è stato scelto come strumento per condurre uno studio sulla cronicità del diabete nella provincia di Modena che Fe.D.E.R. ha deciso di avviare in collaborazione con l’Azienda USL di Modena.
Lo studio è incentrato sul questionario PACIC e, grazie alla capacità di lumos! di gestire follow-up in forma anonima, sarà possibile mantenere traccia nel tempo delle variazioni rilevate direttamente dai pazienti coinvolti.

Il PACIC  (Patient Assessment of Care for Chronic Conditions) e’ un questionario riconosciuto a livello internazionale che Fe.D.E.R. ha fatto tradurre in italiano e fatto validare dalla Regione Emilia Romagna creando per primi sul territorio nazionale (a partire dalla provincia di Modena) un progetto di indagine in forma anonima con follow-up sui pazienti affetti da Diabete.

Da sempre attenta alle attività innovative nel mondo della ricerca in campo medico, Lumos Medica fornisce lo strumento informatico ed il necessario supporto per la riuscita del progetto.

Un grande in bocca al lupo alla Fe.D.E.R.

The 51st annual SMAU Milan came to an end with an important recognition for lumos!. During the Lamarck’s Award Ceremony, lumos! was awarded with the prize for the contest “Boost Your Idea”, which was organized by Clouditalia Telecommunications.

We are living in times of a creative destruction of medicine and research; in times where the healthcare professionals, the institutions, the public administration, the industry, and most importantly, the patients can collaborate on projects with shared goals.

Fe.D.E.R. (Diabetes Federation Emilia Romagna) in partnership with the Region of Emilia-Romagna has launched an investigation with the aim of exploring the needs and expectations of patients with diabetes who use aids for self-control of blood glucose.

lumos! has supported this study with our tools of development and management aimed at patients. For more information:

The presentation was carried out by Harris Lygidakis during the conference “Experiences in Primary Care: Innovation in Territorial Healthcare 2.0” (Bologna, 1st April 2014). The following videos are in Italian.

We are delighted to present our very first video. Our objective has been to describe the problems that we have observed in the sector of biomedical research and how Lumos! may be a solution to them. Most importantly, we hope that this video can communicate our vision for our platform and its future in a simple, yet clear and tangible way.

In the next weeks we will be travelling, presenting Lumos! and bringing different aspects of its development and features to three important events.

Medicine 2.0, London, 23-24 September

  • Startup Pitch: Lumos!, a Web-Based Solution for Collaborative Healthcare Research Projects
    23 September, 2pm
    Building: Mermaid, Main Auditorium
  • Employing an Online Survey Platform for a Patient Association Campaign
    Building: Mermaid, Room 2 – Aldgate/Bishopsgate
    24 September, 2pm

Medicine X, Stanford, 27-29 September

  • Patient-led research: the experience from putting in practice a research tool for a diabetics association
    Session: LK130 The patient-physician relationship
    Saturday 28 September, 9.05am

Health 2.0, Santa Clara, 29 September – 2 October

  • A rapid-fire demo will be caried out during the 7th Annual Conference.
    Session: Tools & Platforms for Research and Clinical Trials, Grand Ballroom G
    Wednesday 2nd October, 10.30am

If you wish to check our past presentations, we have prepared a list here.

Fe.D.E.R. (Federazione Diabete Emilia Romagna – Federation of Diabetics Emilia Romagna) in cooperation with the Emilia Romagna Region has launched a survey aimed at exploring the needs and expectations of diabetic patients using self-monitoring blood glucose devices.

We are proud to support this study with the tools of the lumos! platform.

Our Opportunity: Work with Patients, Caregivers and the Public Administration

When we were approached by Fe.D.E.R., they were very interested in exploring whether they could employ Lumos! for this project. The project had already received the support of the Emilia Romagna Region and the Regional Healthcare Service, and a questionnaire had been developed and approved by Regional authorities.

Our platform can easily be extended and tailored for special purposes, such as its employment as software for the needs of research studies that are carried out anonymously by email. This was the case of this project; lumos! was transformed into an open public survey tool with support of characteristics from studies (multiple follow-ups and cohorts).

Following discussions with the organizers of the project, several specific features have been added, such as the control of the number of submitted questionnaires, an automatic creation of QR codes and the ability to overview the process with the help of simplified reports.

WONCA 2013 : the importance of using social media in rural medicine

Lumos! was presented during the “Importance of Using Social Media in Rural Medicine” workshop in the WONCA World Conference 2013 in Prague

Here are the slides of the presentation: Using a Collaborative Research Platform in Rural Areas



We’re delighted to present the new logo of Lumos!. It reflects our ideas of data management, simplicity, and clarity, which are blended together in a soaring trend, represented by the shadow that hints to an upward arrow.